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"Peake's explanation of your immortality is the most innovative and provocative argument I have seen".

Clues to your personal immortality:
Bruce Greyson
Carlson Professor of Psychiatry
The University of Virginia
Deja vu
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
The Daemon
The Eternal Return
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Can there ever be a rationally satisfying and scientifically based explanation as to what happens to consciousness at the point of death?

I believe that there can be and that this explanation in no way invalidates long held religious beliefs about life after death.

The way in which we "Cheat The Ferryman" as I like to term my theory, lies deep within the structures of the brain itself - an area where thought itself touches upon the very building blocks of reality.

This website is both an introduction to the central elements of my theory and an opportunity for those interested in the idea to contact me with their own opinions and experiences.

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