Cheating the Ferryman, Is there Life After Death, The Daemon.

This is the forum for all who are interested in the theory of what may happen to consciousness at the point of death as explained in the books 'Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science Of What Happens When You Die' and The Daemon.

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  • Anthony Peake Media
    Anthony Peake has now been interviewed by an ever-increasing number of radio and TV channels, terrestrial, cable and web based. This section will contain links to, and comments on, these interviews. As new interviews take place these will be placed in this section.
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  • An Experiment With Time 2010
    In March 1927 engineer J.W.Dunne published a book called "An Experiment With Time". During the next ten years this book, and the ideas it contained, received a huge following. In this book Dunne suggested a process whereby people could record their dreams and check for coded precognitions within the dream structures. From February 2010 onwards Anthony Peake wishes to repeat this experiment. We are looking for as many people as possible to record their precognitive dreams on this FORUM. Full details and instructions can be found in the "Introduction" posting.
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  • Announcements and Latest News
    Please place here any announcements that you wish to make here.\This is also the place to let everybody know about any talks, lectures or any other events that may be of interest to the readers and members of this FORUM
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  • Cheating the Ferryman - The Theory
    "Cheating The Ferryman" (CTF) is the theory presented in Anthony Peake's book "Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science Of What Happens When You Die". This book is known as ITLAD by its readers and those interested in the implications of this theory as "itladians". This forum is where the general elements can be discussed and commented upon.
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  • Quantum Physics
    Quantum physics deals with the science of the very small - the very building blocks of matter. However over the last ninety or so years this obscure area of research has shown that the universe is a far stranger place than anybody could imagine. Everything we perceive around us is built of waves of probability and particles that zip in and out of existence. However ITLAD/CTF suggests that it is within this area of research that the very nature of conciousness itself may be understood. Can this be correct? Join in the debate here.
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  • Neurology
    Neurology is the study of the way in which the brain works. CTF/ITLAD suggests that within the structures of the brain - the neurons, the microtubules and the neurotransmitters - may be found the answer to the ultimate question - What happens to human consciousness at the point of death?
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  • Migraine
    Classic Migraine is the first level of Anthony's "Scale of Transcendence". It is also surprisingly common. A a classic migrainer himself Anthony is interested in hearing about the experiences of his fellow migrainers, particularly in relation to the unusual psychological states that sometimes are experienced as part of the "aura".
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  • Deja Vu
    Deja Vu - that strange feeling that one has lived this moment before - is recognised as being the most common 'psychic' experience. So what exactly is Deja Vu? Can it simply be a confusion of perception or is there something much more important taking place? This is the place to record your own experiences of this mysterious phenomenon ... maybe even join in a very important world-wide survey that will attempt to finally explain this mystery.
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  • Precognition
    The ability to predict future events has been claimed by individuals since the dawn of time. How can this be? If time is linear how can somebody know about an event that is yet to happen? However there seems to be strong evidence that the future is already out there and that under certain circumstances it can reveal itself. Have you had precognitive experiences? Do you have evidence of this. Would you like to prove precognition by placing a prediction on this Forum? CTF/ITLAD has an explanation for "future memory". Do you agree with it?
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  • Consciousness
    Consciousness is simply the biggest mystery known to humanity. What exactly does it mean to say "I am conscious"? How can inanimate matter and a jumble of chemicals bring forth thought and self-awareness? What creates the inner world of thoughts, motivations and fears? What exactly are dreams? what are memories and where are they stored? These are some of the many questions that have been the domain of philosophy for centuries but now a new science - known as consciousness studies - is attempting to give some answers. Taking into account the results of the latest research CTF/ITLAD makes some radical suggestions with regard to consciousness and memory. Are these reasonable?
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  • Near-Death Experience
    Many individuals have reported that when close to death they have experienced a state of altered consciousness. These sensations include floating out of their body, time slowing down, a meeting with a "Being of Light" and a past-life review. These have been reported for hundreds of years and across all cultures. Known as the Near-Death Experience (NDE) this phenomenon has a wealth of supporting evidence from thousands of cases. CTF/ITLAD is particularly interested in the "past-life review" and encounters with the "Being Of Light". Have you experienced an NDE? Do you know of anybody who has? Do you have your own theories as to what it may be? Join in here and let us know your experiences and opinions.
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  • The Daemon
    Anthony Peake suggests that we all consist of not one but two areas of consciousness. He terms these the Daemon and Eidolon. He suggests that the Daemon has been known by many names including the "Guardian Angel", "Spirit Guide", and "The Genius". Many religions also suggest a similar duality including Judiasm, Sufism, Manicheanism, Gnosticism and Kabbalistic Judaism. Have you experienced a guiding voice, warning dreams, a doppelganger or just a feeling that you are "not alone". Let us know your experiences.
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  • Itladian Philosophy
    Behind the concepts suggested in CTF/ITLAD can be found many philosophical ideas that go back many centuries. This section of the forum exists to discuss how CTF/ITLAD relates to such concepts and writers.
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  • Gnosticism & Mysticism
    CTF/ITLAD suggests a very specific structure as to what happens to human consciousness at the point of death. In his writings Anthony Peake also considers that all the elements of CTF can be found in Gnostic teachings. He proposes that the great Gnostic philosophers and writers of the past had an awareness of CTF and described it in esoteric language. The same applies to the great mystic and occult schools of Europe and Asia. Have you an opinion on this? Do you agree that writers such as Crowley, Blake, Blavatsky, Gurdjeif and Ouspensky (and many others) were describing elements of ITLAD in a different form. Was CTF the real secret of the Cathars?
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  • Time Perception
    Many people state that under periods of extreme stress - car accidents, being given bad news, falling etc that time seems to slow down and sometimes even stop. Others claim that in dream-states time seems to go much slower than in waking life. Have you experienced such things? Do you have an opinion as to what may bring this about? Record your experiences here and open up the debate on this fascinating element of human perception.
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  • ITLAD in Popular Culture
    Many aspects of "Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When You Die" (ITLAD) can be found in popular culture. Popular culture includes movies, music, comics etc. Join in here to discuss these fascinating, possibly synchronistic, links. (For novels and poetry please place postings in the forum below).
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  • Itladian Literature
    The concepts found in ITLAD deal with some of the most profound questions with regard to the human condition. Great novels and poetry also attempt to highlight what it means to be human, conscious and alive. Indeed some writers and poets have attempted to answer such questions. This section of the Forum will discuss these works of art in the light of itladian philosophy.
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  • Mental Health - Daemon Psychology
    This is where all the mental health implications of ITLAD and the Scale of Transcendence can be discussed.
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  • Synchrondipity
    Synchrondipity is a term that itladians use to describe those weird synchronicities that support the theory called "Cheating The Ferryman". have you had any really odd coincidences that proved to be significant on one way or another? We want to hear about them. Place them on here and start a discussion about what they really mean.
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  • Esoteric Philosophy
    This section exists to facilitate discussion about the links between ITLAD/CTF and two of the oldest philosophical traditions on the planet - Shamanism and Huna. Shamanism is arguably the oldest mystery tradition in the world. Cave paintings from paleolithic times show figures involved in Shamanistic rituals that can still be found today among many traditional cultures. These traditions also contain profound ideas about the relationship between the human mind and external reality. Huna is one of the original arts and sciences of healing and spiritual development and is a part of the original teachings of the peoples of the earth which were centered in Hawaii on a continent which now, no longer exists. All that remains physically of that land are the mountain peaks of the island chain called Hawaii.
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  • Philip K Dick
    Philip K Dick is recognised as being one of the greatest science fiction writers of the 20th century. However there is much more to his stories than 'mere fiction'. In novels such as VALIS and UBIK Dick describes a structure of both inner and outer space that is pure itladian. Indeed it seems that the man himself experienced virtually every psychological state described in Anthony Peake's books. Indeed in one of his most curious books "Counter Clock World" Dick creates a character called "Anarch Peak". Is this significant or simply a coincidence? This section of the forum is to discuss the writings of this great man and to place his work and life within the structure of CTF/ITLAD
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  • Creativity
    More and more artists, poets, and writers are joining this FORUM. Some have been influenced by Anthony's writings, some by their Daemon. This is the place for these creative individuals to post their work, or links to their work. This work need not be ITLAD related.
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  • General Topics
    This is the section for issues that fail to fit in anywhere else ... and a place for new ideas!
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  • Link to The Blogsite
    Follow the link here to "Anthony Peake's Cheating The Ferryman Blogsite". This Blogsite contains a considerable amount of historical and current material that will give an excellent appreciation and understanding as to how and why this Forum came about.
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